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About Cyconic Pty Ltd

SafeNet Silver Partner for the African Region.

Cyconic Pty Ltd is a SafeNet Silver Partner for the whole of the African region. We deal specifically with the Software Moneitzation Solutions whether on-Premis, Hybrid or in the Cloud. Cyconic has over 10 years of experience in the Software Monetization industry. That is why we can show you how to increase your revenue with the Sentinel Solutions.
Software Monetization
Software monetization means the adoption of any variety of measures a software company takes in order to increase the profitability of their intellectual property.
Protection & Licensing
Flexible technology is designed to easily integrate with your software package, either with the Sentinel API or by wrapping with the Sentinel Shell - or both.
Embedded Software
Gemalto offers several software monetization solutions tailored specifically to securely manage software embedded within any piece of hardware
Cloud Monetization
SP's must be able to effectively package, provision, control, track, a& manage a dynamic service catalog, not only ensure fair compensation but also ensure maximum market applicability
Partner Badges 2019 silver

Monetization Products

Current Software Monetization Products.

Through software security and licensing enforcement, Sentinel's software licensing technology provides software publishers control and visibility into how their applications are deployed and used. Enforcement of licensing terms and conditions provides vendors software protection from unauthorized use or distribution of their products.
Sentinel RMS
Sentinel EMS
Sentinel LDK
Sentinel Fit
Sentinel Up
Sentinel HL keys enables to take full advantage of forward compatibility with our next generation software licensing solution – Sentinel LDK..