IoT Monetization

Although it has become a trending topic, the Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new phenomenon. In recent years, the market has seen a boom in network-connected devices across all verticals. From wearables tracking our personal fitness to smart buildings capable of predictive maintenance, the IoT is having a significant impact on our daily lives.

Due to this increased connectivity, embedded software is becoming more exposed to common security threats such as IP theft, reverse engineering, and unauthorized usage. For their own peace of mind, device manufacturers are advised to implement a comprehensive software monetization program that takes care of all their licensing and entitlement management needs, and in the process, keeps their trade secrets secret.

Gemalto is no stranger to the IoT – it has been solving these problems for over 30 years. Its range of Sentinel solutions enables you to protect and flexibly control your software at the feature level, while providing first-class monetization. And with the usage insight you gain from data collection, it’s easier to make business-critical decisions, such as how to package and price your offering for maximum returns.

Sentinel helps you master the IoT and brings value to your business in the following ways:

 IP Protection

Proptect your Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets from competative theft and reverse engineering

Realtime Data Collection

Gain insight from usage dataand turn one-off transactions into ongoing customer relationships

Remote Feature Enablement

Differentiate products and services in the field using software control, and prevent unauthorized usage

Back Office Integration

Incorporate Entitlement Management into your back office and streamline your ordering and fullfilment processes

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