1000W, Modified Sinewave Inverter, 12/24/48Vdc, 10A Charger

SKX-M Series - Modified Sinewave Inverter (150W-3kW)


  • Modified sinewave output
  • With or Without Battery Charger
  • High Surge Rating
  • Hot Swappable Fuse
  • Reverse Polarity Protection (Fuse).

There are distinct differences between Modified Sine Wave Inverters and Sine Wave Inverters. Besides economy – Modified Sine Wave Invertors are far less expensive than Sine Wave Inverters.

In a Modified Sine Wave the voltage rises and falls sharply; furthermore the angle also varies abruptly which remains still at 0 Volts for some time before altering its polarity.

It is important to note that Modified Sine Wave Inverters have numerous limitations and are not safe to use with many sensitive appliances and devices.

Here is a list of some of the devices and machines that might experience problems when using Modified Sine Wave Inverters:

  • Certain fluorescent lights that come with standard ballasts.
  • Digital clocks and radios.
  • Laser photocopiers, all-in-one devices, magnetic-optical hard drives and laser printers.
  • Power tools that are equipped with variable speed controls.
  • Certain TV’s.

For those that are not sure which devices to use with Modified Sine Wave Inverters it might be preferable to choose to use Pure Sine Wave Inverters instead.

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