24Ah Vision Battery - 5 Year Lifespan

Batteries - Sealed and Maintenance Free

Design Life: 3-5 years
Volts: 12V
Capacity at 20Hr Rate (Ah): 24Ah
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 166 x 175 x 125
Mass (kg): 7.6

Which UPS battery meets your needs?

Choosing the right UPS battery for your needs is often confusing and with so many claims that the new-fangled varieties are equipped to offer very high energy densities, delivering 1000 charge and discharge cycles, plus are paper-thin – you need to ask whether these actually work and serve the right purpose for the function required?

Lead Acid Batteries have been designed with economy uppermost in mind. Furthermore they have been created for larger applications where the weight is of little concern.

It is interesting to note that lead acid batteries are the preferred choice for hospital equipment, wheelchairs, emergency lighting and UPS systems.

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