8000W (48Vdc, with Solar server)

T2X Series (800W-8kW)

The Star T2X UPS is an All-In-One user friendly UPS, easy to handle, suitable and compatible for almost all Home/Office applications (Linear and non-linear loads including Air Conditioners!). Being a line interactive UPS, it can produce clean and perfect PURE SINEWAVES, by providing the best power quality for all your electric equipment. The traditional UPS supplies power only for a limited few minutes, the T2X can function as an efficient GENERATOR! With an Auto Transfer Switch, it can easily handle any critical power failure situations. Also, the T2X Series has a powerful charger that can supply a capacity over 500 Ah, it can adapt itself and charge without any damage to any type of battery. Its Solar Power Server allows the UPS to work with solar panels to supplement the built in battery charger of the UPS. The Star T2X Series: an ecologic solution for homes and offices!


  • Multiple microprocessor design base
  • Compatible with linear and non-linear load
  • Stronger charger to support batteries 500AH and up 24 hours operation on the inverter
  • Parameter presentable DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function THD less than 3%
  • High efficiency design to save electricity
  • Low heat dissipation in long time operation
  • Designed to operate under harsh environment
  • LCD Panel Control
  • Controllable & Removable panel with LCD
  • Wall Mounted Design or 19” Rack
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