All T2 models have a long standby option with no built in batteries, this is the charge current of the long standby models. For long standby models, add “-L“ to the part number.

T2 Series(1kVA-3kVA)

Launched in 2005 and superseding the highly regarded PHD IP Series UPS, the T2 Series benefits from the latest microprocessor Control Unit (MCU) technology, and now offers even greater value for money. The T2 is aimed at users that require protection from line voltage fluctuations and require a reliable and constant power source. The T2 is a sophisticated unit utilizing full digital control technology. Available with power rating of 1kVA, 2kVA and 3kVA each with LCD display and audible alarm keeping you quickly updated on mains and battery status. The T2 is also fitted with an intelligent test button enabling a self-test routine which also prevents the UPS from being inadvertently switched off.

Integrated Smartcard Slot

Fitted with an RS232 interface and USB port, which when used with the supplied software allows UPS status monitoring via the connected PC. Support for optional SNMP network adapter is also provided enabling full network management functions. Under mains failure the T2 provides sinewave computer grade power and will start a controlled shutdown (when software installed) of your operating system and connected hardware, completely protecting your data and working documents.

Key Features:

  • Extensive log files
  • Scheduled battery and inverter testing
  • Scheduled system shutdown/restart
  • User-Customisable commands and messages
  • Multiple UPS control from a single computer
  • Remote Console Command module for remote multiple server shutdown
  • Internal SNMP sub-agent for integration into existing NMS (e.g. HP OpenView, CA).

UPS Management

Our specialised optional UPS management software gives you the power to monitor and control your UPS from remote locations.

UPS Management Software

The UPS management software is installed on a server or workstation connected to each UPS via the serial or optional USB port. Power failure, power restored, battery failure or eight events will be detected and the user informed. A shutdown will be initiated when the batteries are near to exhaustion or a technical problem occurs with the UPS. The UPS management software disconnects network connections, logs out users and closes open applications (subject to application/operating system support) before shutting down the operating system itself.

*All T2 models have a long standby option with no built in batteries, this is the charge current of the long standby models. For long standby models, add “-L“ to the part number.

What line interactive ups systems do:

Line Interactive UPS Systems have been created to ensure that you enjoy uninterruptible power supplies.

The line-interactive UPS is not dissimilar to a reserve UPS system, but it is equipped with an additional multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer.

How a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer works:

  • A multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer is a transformer that will complement or deduct powered coils of wire.
  • This will therefore collect or lessen the magnetic field and therefore the output voltage of the transformer.
  • This is also known as a buck-boost transformer.
  • This style of UPS system will be able to endure non-stop under voltage brownouts as well as over-voltage power surges without using up the battery power reserves.
  • Instead Line Interactive UPS Systems will automatically choose varying power sources on the autotransformer.
  • Line Interactive UPS Systems have become the preferred method of back-ups even in the cheapest systems because it takes full advantage of the parts that are already there.

Line Interactive UPS Systems provide dependable battery power to ensure that computers are kept up and running when the power goes out.

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